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14-year-old swim team member drowns in Hillsboro pool

Posted by | November 22, 2019 | Drowning, Swim Team, Uncategorized

HILLSBORO, Ore. (KATU) – The Hillsboro Police Department identified the girl who was found drowned Wednesday night after a swim team practice as 14-year-old Nabila Maazouz.

Police said Maazouz was a freshman at Oregon Episcopal School and was a member of the Liberty High School swim team.

Investigators said the swim team pulled the cover over the Shute Park Aquatic & Recreation Center’s outdoor pool after practice Wednesday night. Police said the swimmers pulled the cover over it before they got out of the water.

“At the end of practice, the swimmers covered the pool with these blue tarps. When they were done with that, the swimmers got out of the water, they went inside and changed, and started to head home. It was at that point that they noticed Nabila was missing,” said Sgt. Eric Bunday of the Hillsboro Police Department.

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