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Aquatics Industry Grapples with ‘Ghosting’| Aquatics International Magazine 

Posted by | September 5, 2018 | Lifeguards

Without word or warning, new recruits are bailing and it’s driving employers crazy.    By Nate Traylor

You hired 120 lifeguards and 115 showed up for work.The no-shows aren’t answering your calls or responding to your emails. No explanation given. Just poof – they’re gone.You’ve been ghosted.That’s the word employers are using to describe what some say is a growing practice among jobseekers. They accept an offer only to mysteriously bail.The trend is playing out across lower-wage service industries, but it’s hitting aquatics particularly hard. Lifeguards are hard enough to find. Now they’re flaking out.“I think it’s been increasing a bit here and there,” said Nick Cuevas, aquatics coordinator at the City of Newark, Calif., which hires about 90 lifeguards each season and 50 operations staff.He can count on five to quit without any advance notice.“They disappear,” Cuevas said. “They truly ghost.”  New recruits aren’t the only ones performing vanishing acts. Employers say returning staff members who’ve proven dependable in the past will suddenly jump ship without so much as a text message to their supervisors.  READ MORE….


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