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Finding lifeguards can be a challenge for aquatic centers 

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ROCKWELL, Iowa – Many aquatic centers and public pools around our area plan to open as soon as the weather permits. It’s not just the warm temperatures that determine when a pool will be open, though. It’s also if you have enough lifeguards on-hand. Rockwell Aquatic Center head guard Devyn Brady said this year, their facility didn’t add any new lifeguards. “We lost like seven guards,” said Brady. “I mean you’re going to get a lot of hours.”Brady said he loves his job there and the people he work’s with, but he knows some people find what it entails difficult. “The pay is decent but you have to re-certify, and some of them don’t just want to do that again when their two years are up,” said Brady. “When you can find another job that pays just as good without taking a class to start and have to pay for the class.”Getting certified generally costs about $175 in Iowa for the initial course. To get re-certified, it costs around $50-60. Brady said a person learns a lot during training.


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