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Investigation finds “climate of fear” within British Swimming – Inside the Games

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By Max Winters

Thursday, 12 October 2017An independent investigation launched by British Swimming into multiple claims of bullying made by Paralympic squad members has found one member of staff created a “climate of fear”. In October 2016 the British Athletes’ Commission was contacted by a number of athletes to express concerns about their experiences as a member of the British Para-swimming squad. In February 2017 two investigators were engaged by British Swimming to carry out an independent investigation into the allegations. They interviewed 13 athletes and 10 members of staff over a period of months. One member of staff, reported by the BBC to be ex-head coach Rob Greenwood, left the organisation before the investigation began and another has been the subject of “appropriate internal disciplinary action and continues in his position”. Greenwood was found to have allegedly “created a climate of fear for some athletes in the British Para-swimming programme and there had also been breaches of the staff code by communicating with athletes in an abusive manner, as well as using derogatory terms to describe athletes”. Swimming was Britain’s most successful sport at last year’s Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, contributing 47 medals, of which 16 were gold. Greenwood was hired in 2013 and was honoured as Sport Coach UK’s “High Performance Coach of the Year” for 2016.   Read more by clicking the link below: