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Lifeguards take duty seriously 

Posted by | February 7, 2017 | Lifeguards

Lifeguards take duty seriouslyJunction aquatics program wins gold international safety award Trinity Klepzig, a lifeguard at Orchard Mesa Swimming Pool, scans the water every 10 seconds while she’s on duty Sunday as she has been trained to do. Grand Junction’s aquatic program recently was honored for its safety record with the Gold International Aquatic Safety Award. By Amy Hamilton Sunday, February 5, 2017Trinity Klepzig moves her head up and down, then side to side.She walks the perimeter, fixing an eagle-eyed gaze on her subjects. Conversations, if any, are few and brief. Though folks come here to have a good time, Klepzig had a job to do on Sunday at Orchard Mesa Swimming Pool.


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