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#MeToo Equally Relevant in Aquatics| Aquatics International Magazine 

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#MeToo Equally Relevant in Aquatics

Three recent incidents illustrate the pervasive nature of sexual harassment in the workplace ..By Erin Ansley

It’s no longer just a hashtag. It’s now a movement. #MeToo and its sister cause, Time’s Up, continue to draw attention to the persistent problem of sexual harassment, particularly against women, in just about every industry, from entertainment to the federal government. And aquatics certainly is not immune. As celebrities take the red carpet during awards season donned in all black attire or adorned with white roses in honor of those who have been victimized, three recent headlines highlight the need for aquatics to protect itself against predatory behavior. In Polson, Mont., a woman has accused her former employer of firing her after she complained about sexual harassment in the workplace. According to, the woman says that two of her supervisors at Mission Valley Aquatic Center repeatedly sexually harassed her at work, that upper management failed to address it, and that when she reported it, she was fired. During a three-day hearing at the Montana Human Rights Bureau, the alleged victim requested that the Aquatic Center be held accountable for sex discrimination and retaliation in employment. Mission Valley Aquatic Center has denied the allegations. A ruling on the case could take between two and three months.  Read More…


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