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Michael Phelps On What’s Next For His Life And Career

Posted by | January 31, 2017 | Swimming

Michael Phelps is sprawled on a couch in a Lower Manhattan hotel, sporting a beard, a gray beanie cap, a white T-shirt and Under Armour sweatpants and sneakers, an athlete in repose. He’s in New York to accept yet another lifetime achievement award for his triumphs in five Olympic Games, another chance for him and others to revel in his past glories. What Phelps wants to talk about now, however, is the future. “I’ve spent decades staring at that black line at the bottom of a pool,” he says. “I’m ready to do something new. I’m ready to channel my competitiveness into something else.”Phelps, 31, is four months removed from what he swears was his last Olympics. The second phase of his life has begun, he says, and it has two main parts: He wants to create a brand that burns brightly for decades to come, but he also wants to become a global champion for the causes that mean the most to him–swimming and the well-being of children.  Read More….



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