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Missy Franklin’s Quest to Recapture the Joy of Swimming 

Posted by | January 17, 2017 | Swimming

Missy Franklin, 21, is a competitive swimmer and five-time Olympic gold medalist. She is the author of “Relentless Spirit” (Dutton). She spoke with Marc Myers. My parents are my closest friends. I know that sounds corny, but with me it’s not a line. Throughout my life, my parents never tried to force me to be someone I wasn’t, and they’ve always supported me with unconditional love. I’m an only child, and I arrived in an unconventional way. My mom found out at a young age that she wasn’t able to have children, so when my parents decided in their 40s to start a family, they explored surrogacy and adoption options.At the time, my dad, Dick, was a corporate executive and my mother, D.A. (Dorothie Ann), was a doctor. They had busy, successful careers and traveled all over the world on vacations.MORE HOUSE CALL‘Gilmore Girl’ Lauren Graham on Growing Up Around the World Jan. 10, 2017Robert Wagner’s Hollywood Dream Jan. 4, 2017Meredith Monk’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ Moment Dec. 28, 2016Fannie Flagg: Nurtured by Birmingham’s Theatrical Side Dec. 20, 2016But once they decided to have a child, they put everything else on hold and worked through an agency to find a surrogate. It’s a complicated process, but eventually they found the right fit—an amazing woman. Read more….

Source: Missy Franklin’s Quest to Recapture the Joy of Swimming – WSJ


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