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Pool Manager job – City of Crystal, MN – Crystal, MN 

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City of Crystal, MN – Crystal, MN $18 – $20 an hour – Part-time, Temporary

To manage municipal pool and waterslide operation. Has full authority and responsibility for the operation of the facility. MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE. Examples of Duties: Administration -Develop and schedules staff training and Lifeguard in-service training. -Responsible for setting up and enforcing staff policies, safety rules, regulations and schedules staff. -Responsible for administration of water safety instruction program. -Responsible for notifying City Staff to order pool supplies, chemicals, lesson materials, etc. – Schedules all part-time staff. – Prepares pool staff payroll. -Assists in staff selection. -Maintains effective working relationships with other employees and the public. -Receives and accounts for all daily receipts in admissions and concessions. -Writes evaluation of facility and program. -Performs staff evaluations and performance review. Facility Management -Responsible for keeping records of all water samples and all pool data such as attendance, water temperature, P.H. control, chlorine, etc. -Under the direction of Public Works Department, responsible for keeping a sanitary and smooth functioning. physical plant. -Responsible for safety inspections of pool facilities and equipment and recommends maintenance. Supervision: -Supervises part-time seasonal employees in various duties. -To monitor participants to ensure a safe, positive and enjoyable environment. -To make decisions and handle situations when circumstances or emergencies require. -Responsible for training all staff. Typical Qualifications: Minimum age: 22. Certifications in First Aid, Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor. Three years experience in managing, teaching and/or guarding at a swimming pool or beach. Desirable qualifications: CPO or AFO certification, additional experience beyond 3 years in managing, teaching and.or guarding at a swimming pool or beach. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Communications: Must have ability to actively listen to others for understanding of their needs and situations; ability to speak and write English clearly; ability to give directions and guidance clearly. Decision Making: Must act in a decisive manner, using good judgment. Must be able to assess problems and situations, able to anticipate needs, evaluate alternatives and use discipline as needed. Must have a knowledge of the use of available resources, including a thorough knowledge of programs, facilities and their characteristics. Ability to work independently. Ability to understand and work in a safe manner. Must be able to read and understand directions. Interpersonal Relationships: Ability to establish effective working relationships with employees, supervisors and public. Must exclude personal biases from work performance. Must have the ability to work the assigned areas and hours. Professional Attitude: Must have commitment to the organization; willingness to take initiative; dependability; maturity in relationships with others; and self confidence. Must represent the organization to other agencies and citizens with a courteous, helpful, accurate and business-like attitude in all telephone and personal contact. Quality of Work: Must be able to produce quality, accurate work. Must be able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Must be able to utilize work time properly and productively. Technical Knowledge: Knowledge and understanding of the pool operation, including taking chemical readings and minimal operation and maintenance of filters, heaters, controllers, etc. Knowledge of state and city health codes. Certifications in First Aid, CPR, Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor required. Certification as Certified Pool Operator or Aquatic Facility Operator desired. Knowledge of EAP(Emergency Action Plan) for injuries/emergency situations. Physical Abilities: Normal vision needed with or without correction. Capable of reaching (extending the hands or arms in any direction); handling (seizing, holding, grasping, turning and otherwise working with the hands); and fingering (picking, pinching, or otherwise working with the fingers).

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