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Tel Aviv’s coolest new hotel: a former lifeguard stand – 

Posted by | March 29, 2017 | Lifeguards

Tel Aviv (CNN)Tel Aviv is practically synonymous with the beach. But a new hotel is giving tourists an opportunity to experience that famous beach in a whole new way.One of the city’s famous lifeguard stands, normally a tan color that blends in with the sand, has been repainted with Israel-inspired graffiti from local street artist Edgar Rafael and converted into a pop-up three-room hotel.The idea began when Israeli tourism officials discovered that many younger visitors to the country were more interested in taking a city break than in exploring the countryside.Now, the hotel, which sits just feet from the Mediterranean on Frishman Beach, is the subject of a contest: people interested in crashing there can enter a contest to win a night’s stay.One inspiration? Airbnb. “There is a phenomenon of hotel rooms in unexpected or unusually inaccessible places,” Tel Aviv’s tourism head, Eytan Schwartz, said in a statement.Fifteen couples will win the chance to stay in the hotel.In order to enter, they must enter a contest via, then post an Instagram photo of themselves in beach-inspired gear with the hashtag #TakeMe2TelAviv.And although the hotel could have a promising life as an Airbnb, it will likely have to return to its original color and purpose when high beach season begins for the summer.So what’s a guy or girl planning a trip to Tel Aviv to do? The hotel was a coproduction with local hotel group Brown, who provide complimentary room service breakfast to guests on the morning of their stay.To get the beachside experience with the more creature comforts of a proper hotel, the best option is the aptly named Brown Beach House, a few blocks away from Frishman Beach.However, urbanites might prefer another Brown’s property, the newly-opened The Poli House, which sits at the intersection of the city’s largest and most prominent open-air market (that would be the Carmel Market, or Shuk Ha-Carmel) and bustling Allenby Street, which is packed with shops and restaurants.The Poli House may not be next to the beach, but it is home to the city’s coolest rooftop pool, plus a Miami-meets-Middle-East vibe with hot pink couches and colorful lobby artwork.Either way, don’t forget to pack your bikini. (That would be “bikini” in Hebrew. You’re practically fluent already.)

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