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Why Sioux Falls is Experiencing a Lifeguard Shortage |

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Grab your sunscreen and towel – school is officially out for summer. The Sioux Falls School District’s last day of school was Friday. Now, it’s time to trade school for the pool. That’s right – Friday is also the opening day for Sioux Falls city pools. However, South Dakota has a low unemployment rate at less than four percent. Now, it’s tougher than ever to recruit workers, like the lifeguards that keep your family safe.  KDLT’s Allison Royal tells us how they’re still making a splash despite the challenges.The smell of chlorine, the feel of sunscreen – they’re all staples of  summer. These are some of the reasons these kids may one day grow up to be lifeguards.“When they were kids, they looked up to lifeguards,” said Jean Pearson, the recreation program coordinator. “They feel like this is one way that they can pay it forward.”However, with such a low unemployment rate in Sioux Falls and South Dakota, it’s been a little bit of a challenge to find enough lifeguards to staff the pool.“Everybody’s fighting for staff, especially in the summertime,” said Pearson. “We’re all fighting for the same pool of kids.”Fortunately, the city has a few ideas to work around the shortage.“I’ve been thinking outside the box for the last two years to try to make the job as appealing as I can,” said Pearson.     Read More…