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USA Swimming Foundation Announces 5-10 Percent Increase in Swimming Ability Among U.S. Children | Thursday, July 13, 2017

Still work to be done as 64 percent African-American children, 45 percent of Hispanic/Latino children, 40 percent of Caucasian children have no or low swimming abilityCOLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – With Memorial Day Weekend and the traditional opening of summer swimming season approaching, the USA Swimming Foundation today announced a 5-10 percent improvement in overall swimming ability from its previous findings in 2010, according to a new study regarding swimming ability amongst America’s youth conducted by the University of Memphis and University of Nevada-Las Vegas.However, there is still much work to be done as nearly 64 percent of African-American children, 45 percent of Hispanic children and 40 percent of Caucasian children have no/low swimming ability, putting them at risk for drowning. A concerning finding was that 87 percent of swimmers with no or low ability plan to go to a swimming facility this summer at least once and 34 percent plan to swim 10 or more times this summer.The study, aimed to establish children’s swim ability levels and determine motivating factors that lead to a child learning how to swim and participate in the physical activity of swimming, reveals a number of factors that contribute to the overall lack of swimming ability.Socio-Ecomonic and Race/Ethnicity Differences79 percent of children in families with household income less than $50,000 have no/low swimming abilityChildren who qualify for free or reduced school lunch programs are 63 percent less likely to have good swimming ability76 percent of parents reported that their children would be more likely to want to participate in swimming if they saw a talented swimmer that looked like them65 percent of African-American children would like to swim more than they do

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