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What is Swimjitsu?

Posted by | April 28, 2017 | Uncategorized, USA Swimming

What is SwimJitsu? SwimJitsu is the ancient craft of the Swimja.  Long ago, in the villages near Mount Swimja, only the swiftest, wisest, and most dexterous among the people conquered the age-old SwimJitsu courses.  Year after year, young ones came, eager to learn the ways of the Master Swimjas, and year after year, these young ones flopped, faceplanted and splashed into the hallowed Pools of Mt. SwimJa, much to the delight of onlookers. But they were relentless in their training to become SwimJitsu Masters, and only the best of the best could achieve this lofty title. In modern times, young ones still come, thirsting for the same goal:  Mastery of the three Sacred Traits, while not totally blunder-bouncing into the water in the process. These Sacred Traits are: Wisdom, Speed, and Agility. Conquer the course, and finish with a giant cannonball off the ledge of Mt. Swimja, and a student becomes the master. Swimjitsu Master, that is.Swimjitsu Masters can then showcase their skills on a swim team of their choice.   Do you have what it takes to become a SwimJitsu Master?

Upcoming SwimJitsu Events: 


        Look for an upcoming event in a city near you:

• April 29-30: Tempe, AZ
• May 20: Pittsburgh, PA
• May 20: Washington D.C.

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